My Life and Opinions (ala Tristram Shandy):

I am a self-confessed perfectionist, with a touch of the eccentric. I love being that way, so that no one can predict me... The one thing that makes me unique from everyone else is my DNA. What? Yours too? Well! Oh!

I was born in New Delhi, the capital of the wonderful country that is India. My first job was writing a student column for a leading Indian English daily. A mere Rs. 350 (about $4.50), but there is something to be said about seeing your name and what you have created in print... Aha!

I Love:
  • Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetic.

  • Indian, Italian, and Mexican food. Eating with chopsticks.

  • Watching movies, listening to music, reading PGW. Dabbling in pseudo-philosophy.

What Do I Like to Do When Not Doing Research?




  • I am a sucker for sci-fi films (think BTTFStar Trek, E.T.). And movies about genius people (Good Will Hunting, even A Beautiful Mind, don't judge me!).

  • I do like well made and not too predictable rom-coms (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady).

  • But I think I am truly in love with Atticus Finch!

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